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This year is the twentieth anniversary since signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, by which peace was established as well as a new legal and constitutional organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a complex state community, with two statehood entities – The Republic of Srpska and The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with three constituent nations.
In the past twenty years, despite the achieved results, the original Dayton Peace Agreement has been disrupted on a number of occasions, leading to a difficult and slow development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the year in which we mark the anniversary of signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement and when the original agreement is a subject of different interpretations and trials of its adoption with the main goal to accomplish the particular political interests, a debate from scientific aspects on the following topics is of particular importance: Dayton and preserving the peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, constitutional-legal set-up, consistent application of entity set-up, transfer of entities’ responsibilities; the role of international community (OHR and the High Representative), organization and functioning of the judiciary and the attempt to revise this agreement.
Having all that in mind, the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska, as the highest institution of science and arts of the Republic of Srpska, has planned  within the Programme for 2015 year, the scientific conference under the name The Dayton Peace Agreement – Twenty Years Later. This is the way that Academy gives a significant contribution to the marking of this anniversary, where during the two days prominent scientist and experts are going to give their speeches. 

It was planned that the conference be attended by the members of RS ASA, the representatives of other academies of sciences and arts, as well as by renowned jurists, historians, political scientists, analysts and experts from different scientific fields in the Republic of Srpska, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Russia, Spain, Great Britain, Finnland, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, and other countries. 

The Conference will take place in Banja Luka, on November  5 and 7, 2015 in the building of Academy.
We expect the participants of the scientific conference to contribute, with their papers and discussions, to the affirmation of the basic values of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an equal community of two entities and three constituent peoples.
After the conference, the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republic of Srpska is going to publish the special edition of proceedings, that is going to include all the speeches presented at the conference. This proceedings are going to be delivered among the institutions of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina at all, as well as to the international organizations inside the country.

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