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The Scientific Conference “The Republic of Srpska – 15 Years of Existence and Development” was held in Banja Luka on June 26 and 27, in the Big Hall of Banski Dvori.

Historical causes of the origins, development, as well as the perspectives of development of the Republic of Srpska were analyzed at this scientific forum entitled “The Republic of Srpska – 15 Years of Existence and Development”.

It was concluded that the Dayton concept of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herzegovina must be preserved and that it is only within that framework that the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina could be further developed.

Intensive efforts should be made on drafting and adopting the Strategy of Social and Economic Development, which should involve the relevant entities from all branches of life and work in the Republic of Srpska, as well as the society on the whole, while taking full account of scientific facts and practical experiences.

The collection of papers, which will encompass all the expositions given at the Conference, will be published by the beginning of October this year.

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