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Section for Social Sciences

Section for Social Sciences has twenty two members: 

  • academician Desanka Kovačević-Kojić,
  • academician Rajko Kuzmanović,
  • academician Rade Mihaljčić,
  • academician Aleksa Buha,
  • academician Slobodan Perović,
  • academician Snežana Savić,
  • academician Drago Branković,
  • academician Đuro Tošić,
  • academician Nikola Popović,
  • corresponding member Vitomir Popović,
  • corresponding member Rajko Tomaš,
  • corresponding member Dušan Berić
  • academician Mirko Vasiljević,
  • academician Jaime Gil Aluja,
  • academician Igor Trunov
  • academician Vlado Kambovski,
  • academician Nikola Potkonjak,
  • academician Nenad Vunjak,
  • academician Radovan Vukadinović,
  • academician Elena Guskova,
  • academician Predrag Puzović and
  • academician Slavenko Terzić.

Seven members are constant working members, five of them are not and ten members are from abroad. The Secretary of the Section is academician Rade Mihaljčić and Deputy Secretary is academician Snežana Savić.


Four committees are formed within the Section for Social Sciences:

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